Olga's Alaska Honey

Fireweed and Wildflower Honey from Talkeetna

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Anchorage - Talkeetna

Our Beekeeping Process

Beekeeping in Alaska can present unusual challenges not seen in other locales. The bees begin their work in April when flowers are still sparse and spend most of their time increasing their numbers to ensure maximum honey yield later in the year. During this cycle, we monitor them constantly for hive growth. By May, the flowers are in full bloom and the bees have multiplied enough to begin serious honey production. We carefully elevate the hives off the ground, so that other wildlife cannot easily reach them, and continue to monitor the hives regularly for population growth and honey production.

Our careful evaluation of the hives helps determine if the bees are happy and healthy. It is a mutually beneficial partnership that allows the bees to grow and flourish, while they share their honey with us. Our dog Lucy also enjoys the frequent trips to the forest and she often helps warn and protect against wildlife such as bears.
Near the end of August, honey production in the hive slows. We harvest and jar the raw honey from the hives using a cold-filter process to ensure that the honey maintains its nutrients and healthy properties. The honey is now ready for consumption and use!